Study confirms that weather forecasts are getting better and better

Although many continue to complain about weather forecasts and make fun of meteorologists and various transmissions, the same weather forecasts are getting better and better and certifying it is also a study published in Science and taken up by

According to the authors, the weather forecasts have become more accurate so that today a five-day forecast is as accurate as a one-day forecast in 1980. And this also applies to hurricane forecasts: to date, a warning of a hurricane at 72 hours is more accurate than a warning of a hurricane similar to 24 hours of forty years ago.

And, importantly, the weather forecasts are now much more accessible than a few years ago. If up until 20 years ago we had to wait for the evening news to get the weather forecast for the next day, today we just need to access an app on our mobile to get up-to-date and always more accurate forecasts.

This is also due to the improvement of supercomputers and meteorological models, as well as technologies related to meteorology in general.

The study was conducted by three geoscientists from Pennsylvania State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.