OutwitTrade Publishes Its Review On Independent Reserve

OutwitTrade, an online publication that reviews various products, has just published its new Independent Reserve review where they outline their experience with the service. Independent Reserve is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Australia. The article was written by Johnathan Bellis who has used Independent Reserve for the past 3 years and has traded 6 figures worth of cryptocurrencies on Independent Reserve, making him an ideal person to write about what works with Independent Reserve and what doesn’t. This is in stark contrast to many online ‘reviews’ these days where the writer never actually tries the product, only regurgitates already-existing information online.

The bottom line of the review? Independent Reserve gets a rating of 4/5 and comes highly recommended. Johnathan lists several things he loves about Independent Reserve including the excellent interface, the customer support and high trading volume. The one gripe he has is the fees, which he considers very high compared to stock trading services he is familiar with.


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