The latest action on dCanvas (DCVT) NFT’s

NB: We recommend checking out NFT Sprites if you have an interest in dCanvas.

dCanvas is currently number 8 on our rankings of ERC-721 tokens, based on its latest volume.

dCanvas is an ERC-721 Token that, according to Etherscan, has been traded 646 times over the past 24 hours and 1,350 times over the past 7 days. There is a maximum total supply listed of 65,536 DCVT, and there are 13 holders now. You can find the smart contract address on the Ethereum mainnet at 0xF4b086ed26e8cC82d1916c212519ec3cB10470dB.

Here is the count of functions called on the tokens smart contract:

– The – has been called 98 times
– The – has been called 2 times
– The list has been called 2 times
– The ContractCreation has been called 1 times

We have also analyzed what tokens dCanvas holders also tend to hold:

– DCVT is held by 30.769% of dCanvas holders, with a total of 4 addresses holding both dCanvas and DCVT