The latest action on Drop 01 by Gab Bois (DROPBYGABBOIS) NFT’s

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Drop 01 by Gab Bois is currently number 29 on our rankings of ERC-721 tokens, based on its latest volume.

Drop 01 by Gab Bois is an ERC-721 Token that, according to Etherscan, has been traded 76 times over the past 24 hours and 76 times over the past 7 days. There is a maximum total supply listed of 76 DROPBYGABBOIS, and there are 1 holders now. You can find the smart contract address on the Ethereum mainnet at 0xe7e611ab34adcd4ac684ea920242d27ca6b9cbba.

Here is the count of functions called on the tokens smart contract:

– The giftNifty has been called 76 times
– The setNiftyIPFSHash has been called 4 times
– The ContractCreation has been called 1 times